Blessed Are Tiny Hands

As she kneels beside her bedside at the closing of the day,

With tiny hands folded, oh so softly did she pray.

“God, please bless my mommy, because I love her oh so much,

I love her arms that engulf me also her warm and gentle touch.”

“Oh yeah, God, as long as I’m just asking do you think you could reach so far,

As to let my daddy know I love him, he’s my gentle guiding star.”

“When I awake in the morning to that soft and warm sunlight,

Please let my daddy be here so things will tbe made right.”

“Mommy told me if I asked you, that you could do these things.”

“So please God, fix our family and happiness once again do bring.”

“Help my daddy love my mommy so it can be as before.

I’ll go to sleep now God, with one last request,

Please help my mommy not to cry any more.” Amen

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