An Angel by Karla Potter

An Angel

   One day an Angel flew down from above,

To teach me about the powers of love,

Softly whispering he said to me, Take hold of my hand,

I want to show you things across the land,

All at once I too was soaring like a dove,

First off I want you to understand something about the powers of love,

It doesn’t take much to show someone you care,

Or give them the love God gave you to share.

So please keep in mind all the powers you possess,

And grace other’s day when they’re in distress.

Remember as you are on your way,

To reach out and touch someone today,

With a reassuring smile on your face,

That can make one’s life a much brighter place,

Once your feet again touch the ground

You will know you are bound,

To bestow the powers of love,

And with those words he vanished up above.

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