A New Home For Tommy

It was a cold night as Tommy walked the streets. He was a brown haired, blue eyed determined young man with a chip on his shoulder. He pulled his coat tightly about himself as the wind began to blow..

Confused and uncertain of what to do Tommy headed towards the old house he called home.

Tommy smiled to himself, as just the right story came to mind to tell anyone that might question him. Pleased with himself he kicked a small rock lying at his feet. As the tumbling of the rock broke the dead silence a strong gush of wind slammed shut a shudder. This clashing sound snapped Tommy to attention.

He looked around and saw a shudder still beating against an old house.

Raising an eyebrow Tommy thought.

This just might be the perfect place.

His natural instincts took over as he headed up the small path to the house.

Reaching the porch he stepped slowly onto the first step. A shiver ran up his spine and he glanced around swiftly as it gave slightly with a loud creak.

Standing still Tommy noticed a large brass ring instead of a doorknob. Seeing no one around he grabbed it. Pulling hard the door slowly open.

Peering in he saw three closed doors, one to the right, one to the left and the other straight ahead.

Taking a deep breath Tommy slid through the partly opened door. Then reaching back he pulled it closed. Strolling up to the largest door he spotted a slide bolt. Moving it to the right he wet his lips as it seemed to open by itself. Staring into the darkness something seemed to beckon him to enter.

His curiosity rose even higher. Swallowing hard he walked in.

Moving in a few feet he tripped over something. Bending down he saw it was a lead pipe. As he picked it up he noticed the walls were strangely shaped like huge black waves frozen in place.

Suddenly, a bright light flooded the room. He stood up straight. Amazement swept over him as the black waves turn a beautiful blue and seemed to move from floor to ceiling like the natural flow of the ocean.

A voice called out.

“Why have you disturbed my slumber?”

Shocked, Tommy looked about quickly. Seeing no one he forced out, “I didn’t know anyone lived here. I thought the house was empty.”

“Do you always walk into houses just because you think them empty?”

Trembling, Tommy thought a moment, then cleared his throat.

“No! I just thought this one looked a bit weird. Where and who are you anyway?”

In a flash an old white haired, oriental man stood before him.

“I live here! So, is it not my place to ask the questions of an intruder?”

Frozen in place Tommy shook his head in agreement.

“Well, sense you are now here, you might try relaxing and tell me something about yourself.”

Suspiciously, Tommy asked, “Like what?”

“Well, let’s try your name, age and what you are doing out so late.”

Thinking fast Tommy remembered the story he thought up earlier.

“I’m twelve and my name is Tommy Smith. I live a couple blocks from here and I was on my way home when I saw this place and thought I would check it out. Now, is it OK to ask a question?”

Realizing Tommy was not the hard nose he was trying to be, a smile formed on the old mans face.

“Yes, I think it might be all right.”

“Do you have a bathroom in this old house?”

A chuckle escaped the old mans lips.

“Yes, it is out the door to the left. You can not miss it.”

Turning, Tommy headed for the door.

He called back, “Thanks, I’ll be back in a minute.” as he turned the corner.

As the door closed the old man left the room.

Moments later he returned carrying hot chocolate, and donuts.

Tommy entered the room just in time to see the old man push a button on the far wall. It caused the

picture to spine out of sight and a table with chairs to appear.

“Please have a sit, and join me in some refreshments. That is if your parents would not mind.”

Tommy’s face lit up, for he was very hungry.

“Gee, thanks!”

Tommy walked over, pulled out a chair and flopped down.

“They won’t care. I’m allowed out as late as I want.”

Picking up the cup he hoped the old man believed him. Tommy didn’t wait for a reply, just started eating.

The old man sat down across from Tommy, stroked his long white beard, and thought.

Studying Tommy for a moment, he took a deep breath.

“Yet, all parents care for their young.”

Tommy shifted in his seat, swallowed the donut in his mouth, and then looked at the old man.

“Not mine.”

“Hum, Tell me how long have you been on your own?”

Tommy stopped eating. Staring at the old man he shrugged his shoulders.

“What does it matter? I can take care of myself.”

“So, you have all ready lied to me. You do not live a couple blocks from here. Did you lie about your name as well?”

Tommy exhaled, and looked at the old mans kind face.

“I didn’t really lie. I did live in an abandoned house a couple blocks from here until yesterday, when they tore it down. And for your information I didn’t lie about my name. Why should it matter anyway?”

“People should not lie to others. It makes it very hard to believe in them. That’s the wrong way to start or form friendships. Where do you plan on staying tonight?”

“Not really sure. I was going to stay here, but sense you’re here, I’ll have to find another place.”

“Do you not have parents to go to?”

The gentleness and kindness of the old man caused Tommy to open up, as they continued to talk.

Tommy stared off into space as he began to talk.

“My parents died in a car reck a couple years ago and since the state couldn’t find any of my relatives they placed me with people that just wanted slave help or someone to take their angar out on. I got tired of being put in uncaring homes so, I ran off. I’m determined to make it on my own. No longer will I allow them to get paid for treating me like a slave. No, sir re, not me.”

The old man listened carefully to all he said and to the frankness in which he spoke. When Tommy finished his story the old man just smiled.

“Well, I can see that you need a place and still have a lot to learn. I would appreciate your company if you can find it within your heart to help and never lie to me again.”

Tommy’s eyes lit up, as he inhaled deeply.

“You won’t turn me in?”

“Why should I? It would do neither of us any good.”

Tommy thought for a moment.

“Then I’d like to stay. Can you teach me how the wall does what it did?”

“I can teach you a lot, as long as you truly wish to learn.”


“Well, it is late. Follow me. I will show you to your new room?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Crawling into the large bed Tommy’s heart swelled with happiness for the first time, since his parents death.

As the years went by Tommy and the old man grew very close. Then the day came when Tommy joined the military and was going away. As they hug each other a tear slid down Tommy’s cheek, and a thought hit him.

Clearing his throat Tommy said. “After all these years old man, I still don’t know your name, and I’ll need it in order to write.”

A chuckle escaped the old man’s lips as he pulled away.

“My name is Kim Young. Now go in peace and always hold your head high, my son.”

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