Bible Crosswords & Puzzles Volume 1


Bible Crosswords & Puzzles Volume 1 is available in paperback at the following merchants…


Bible Crosswords & Puzzles Volume 1 is the first  collection of Biblical based crosswords, word-searches, and puzzles from Divine Word Ministries and is the first book in the series of crosswords and puzzles  that are fun, and educational.  These crossword/puzzle books are often used in various sunday schools to keep the young adults busy doing something constructive.  Great for something to do while taking road trips!

The crosswords, puzzles and word searches  are based on  the KJV and the International versions, and are completely non-denominational, and do not promote and certain branch of Judeo-Christianity, and therefor are appropriate fun for Catholics , Baptist, LDS, Pentecostal… or any other Christian  denomination., Bible Crosswords & Puzzles Volume 1 is only available  in paperback at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and other affiliate and book outlets.



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