Shakara 1: An Extraordinary Legacy


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Shakara 1: An Extraordinary Legacy

Come you of strong heart and will and join Shakara a 21 year old in adventures of love, pain, friendship and deception as she tries to save her young friend Erin, from the entrapment of a Satanic temple. Witness with Shakara the true face of evil, pain and ungodly sacrifices in honor of Satan. Become squeamish with her at the rebirth ceremony and nauseated by the replenishment of youth through the sacrificing of children. These and other experiences will make for a mind boggling and thrilling trip through the world of the Black Arts, as told to me by an ex-member. While you’re there you will meet Judas a 18 year old with black hair and changeable eyes that is a powerful high priest of the satanic temple. He becomes enchanted with Shakara and saves her from a couple of the other priests there. They learn more about each other and when Satan sends his minions to try and take over the world, they decide to join forces. So if you’ve got nerves of steel, with what ever the ending, it promises to be good reading.

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