Shakara 2: An Unusual Camping Trip


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This novel tells what Shakara goes through after the gruesome battle fought against evil. The event and its aftermath continue to overshadow her thoughts and dreams. What seems to stress her out the most is how interconnected all creatures are; both good ans evil. While the attack was clearly directed at her, the victims were from every living creature in the world. However, she recognized that simple lip service would not work; it needed the battle with all its profound implications to keep the horrid evil from taking over. Observe for yourself what happens when Shakara tries to get on with her life and Rkk begins to learn from Lee Chin. Find out what new ghastly creatures set forth by Satan as Rikk and Shakara go on a camping trip up in the mountains.Meet an old family friend Shakara must save from evil’s entrapment. And learn how different Adrain and Erin’s lives have become as Erin goes back to worried parents, and Adrain back to school. Experience the wickedness of pure evil as it continues to carry on, even though it just lost the great battle. Learn of its evil and wicked new plans to upset good and place itself on high.

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