Shakara 3: A Remarkable Journey


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Shakara, a 21-year-old with sea-green eyes and long black hair is still very confused about all that has happened, and heads into the woods in hopes of being alone. She is hoping to get a chance to again speak to her mother, instead, she has an unusual visitor arrive late in the night. Her curiosity is piqued as Kohen, an over eight-foot tall muscular man with huge wings wearing a simple white outfit, walked down what appeared to be sapphire steps from the heavens, yet as Kohen’s foot touched the ground his size and clothes changed. Once he arrived Shakara listened intensely to all Kohen had to say. Then wanting to know the truth of her heritage Shakara followed Kohen back up the stairs in hopes of seeing her mother and father again. After once again being joined by her mother and father she finds out the truth but also that some of her friends are in real danger and need her help, the type of help only Shakara can give them

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