Shakara 4: Escape From The Caves


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Under Lymon’s mansion there was a passageway that led to the extensive cave system with eighty miles of passages that are known and more that have not been explored under Mount Rainier. It is this subterranean phenomenon that Shakara and friends enter in an attempt to help their friend, Erin.
Erin finally escapes the clutches of David, High Priest of the Satanic Temple only to find herself lost in the underground passageways that connect with the nearby river and worse is the fact that it is an unattractive volcano filled with flow tubes. Over the ages, the water table slowly dropped leaving narrow horizontal tunnels, broad caverns and giant vertical shafts linked in a multilevel labyrinth of passages which Erin must find her way out of if she hopes to live. Water seeping into the cave creates stalactites, stalagmites and white gypsum crystal formations that decorate some of the passages and rooms. Rare and unusual animals, such as the deformed mutants and strangely formed creatures that Lyman put down there. Have evolved even more over the time of Lymon’s rule and are now being threatened by David and his pollutants which continue to enter the cave system. Yet these incredible and unnatural creatures along with the mutants and strange creatures Lymon created continue to challenge his rule.

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